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If something cataclysmic does happen in 2012, I approve.
Raging internal debates over being female and the expectations that come along with that (being whether physically or socially). Working myself to death. 9 piercings on Saturday. Hoping to finish my apprenticeship soon so I can have Sundays off, and also make some extra cash.

Not getting enough sleep, enough food or enough showers. Living a solitary life with my cats with the exception of a few disappointing dates. I fail to be wooed.

It seems each social sites get more and more downsized in space for ideas, thoughts or opinions. All that remains these days are "like"s, smart-ass remarks and the eternal complaining that this generation seems to cling to like a mother's tit.

If something cataclysmic does happen in 2012, I approve. We have overstepped with our greed for the limited resources we were supplied, genetically fumbled our way "out" of it, and become a people to be none too proud of.

Good lord.
How things have changed. How I have changed. Life update soon.

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If you can't find the sea, I will take you there
Trying to lump all sort of random things/situations/thoughts/actions into motivation to go forward with this overwhelming amount of shit shit shit. letting it all roll out for the time being. the fire in my eyes is fleeting.

nervous bliss
dual braininess/brainwaves, hard at work in the den of sin. empty bedroom EMPTY CLOSET TO CLAIM AS MY OWN. overstuffed bag of clothes to donate. overload of errands performed in the day. overload of nervousness, thoughts, pent up energy, unanswered request for sleep. tired tired tired eyes. tired mind. tired toes. tired car.

working on trip to co. need to work on father's birthday card.

somehow have reverted back to bitch used to be in high school due to drama and confrontation. Working on reclaiming ability to be passive and control bitchy comments/death threats. not keen on the idea of becoming to abrasive person I couldn't manage.

Gold star if I don't hit a bitch next week.

Overload of drama and horrid luck for those included in the vortex of my life. A tornado of shit comes to those who are close to the core. onion smell lingers outside my door wafting to my brain and makes me hun hun hungry. please rid my life of the hip hip hippies. give it to me, daddy. dirty glasses. charred skin, charred connection. dreams merge with reality and a vaca is desired. over worked, under paid, WELCOME TO AMERICA MOTHER FUCKER.

need: financial aide to call me back, school, inspiration, playlists, clean laundry, quarter sized hail to fall on those who wrong me, painting correction, visit.

no more: drama queers, brain hiccups, talks, bugs, distance, awkward living situations.

amen and amen
hail satan 4 lyfe. shit.

Sickness/bed rest leads to overload of arting. A bit tired of the medication haze. drip the liquid codine off your body into my mouth. In a haus full of couples and a book of natural home remedies. Ninja turtles fanny packs and soft pastels cuddle envelop me in bed heaven. Blueberry green tea and south park. want to see Wolf Man more than a good fucking. ASAP. Needs to happen. fuck the reviews, look how well Twilight did and how poorly The Golden Compass. Let me weight the injustice in that real quick.

NEED: Wolf MAN(let me repeat), adventure, dinner, ice cream, aqua, Aqua the band, an outing, to furminate pigeon, solid convo, bathtime, to finish The Freud Reader, more dirty dreams with dirty dirty girl.

i can't keep up with the parties and you can't keep up with the conversation.

1 bag brutal holigay rush at work. 4tsp deliveries to the mix. 7drops customers at a time. stir in 1 lb of ideas for store. do not allow to set (accomplish)

never one to make this statement but... I NEED A MOTHERFUCKING DRINK ASAP.good god damn amen. pets know how shite a day is by the amount of dinner shared. reviewing over days work leads to loss of appetite. feasted like kings they did. worked extra hour, now vehemently sashaying out of the grasp of dreaded overtime. need to scrub the dildo out of pores.

metal/punk adventure with Carabear this eve. buy me an Irish car-bomb and gain loyalty. debating donning frock. girlie girdle gargantuan.

desire for: beverage, kiss from the miss, punching babies, vacation, nap, energy, chapstick, penetration... no breathing....this is my last resort.

actually have: baby with black eye... that is all.

The girlfriend is endlessly bitching about the ride home from her month vaca. I want to stuff some dirty panties in her trap and shut her the fuck up.


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